Pre-Owned Phones

Shopping for a brand new phone is quite a daunting task as it leaves many cell phone users a feeling of unease. While buying any new smartphone, you need to check many features like screen size, storage space, camera quality and lots more.

At Phone and Photos, we offer you certified preowned phones in Warrnambool. Our choice of supplier ensures that you are getting the best value of your money for buying second hand iPhones, Samsungs, and other brands. All our pre-owned phones are processed through a quality control program to ensure that the phone you receive is in fully working order. These phones also represent our exceptional good value for money that fit your budget completely.

We offer you second hand phones with better features that can truly satisfy your growing needs. As our expert technicians thoroughly check and repair the phones so we provide you a long and comprehensive warranty for them.

Our customer’s comfort and satisfaction is something that we are really serious about. Buying a second hand phone is also a small step to reduce the flow of e-waste.

All our phones are packaged professionally in neat and stylish boxes. Whether you are buying a phone for yourself or for your friends and family, we ensure that you get a similar unboxing experience as buying a new phone.

Buying preowned phones at Phones and Photos is just as risk-free as buying a new phone from anywhere else.